1 - What is the performance branch of Ambriex?
Medical and hospital equipment commerce

2 – How long have you been Syltrans' client?
7 years

3 – What are the most Syltrans' services used?
Custom's broker / Freight forwarding services

4 – What is the monthly average of Syltrans' services the Ambriex asks?
About 10 to 15 process

5 - Have Ambriex ever needed a Syltrans special attention (emergency service, customized operation, etc.)? Please, describe this situation and classify Syltrans' performance.
Because of some problems with the Brazilian Central Bank related payments to another country, it had the necessity to create a very big quantity of ROF's (financial operation register) to give continuity to the importation process. The normal procedure to get these ROF’S (made with dealer Exchange) it would not be viable the generation of all necessary ROF’s – more than 100. To solve our problem, Syltrans has made – by itself – all the ROF's in a record time – only 3 days.

6 – How do you classify the services of Syltrans and the relationship they maintain with your company?
High level personalized service, with capacitated people to solve problems.


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