1 – What is the performance branch of your company?
Aeronautical / Manufacture / Work Services

2 – How long is your company client of Syltrans?
Since 1992

3 – What are the Syltrans' services that your company uses?
Custom's broker / Freight forwarding services

4 – What is the monthly average of Syltrans services does your company use?
About 45 process by month

5 – Have your company ever needed a Syltrans special attention (emergency service, customized operation, etc.)? Please, describe this situation and classify Syltrans performance, considering:
Cargo clearance on the truck in the customs warehouse
• Resolution time: approximately 3 hours
• Attendance: ethical and efficient
• Used solution: took care of us with urgency without illegality

6 – How do you classify Syltrans services and the relationship with your company?
The service is personalized, has flexibility and agility. The relationship can be trust and it has transparency.


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