Defense Council Heritage falls eight seasons CPTM

SAO PAULO - The Defence Council of the Historical, Archaeological, Artistic and Tourism of the State of São Paulo (Condephaat) said on Tuesday, 27, who eight seasons Paulista Metropolitan Trains Company (CPTM) were felled. The stations are: Rio Grande da Serra and Ribeirao Pires Line 10-Turquoise (Light-Rio Grande da Serra), Caieiras Jundiaí, Franco da Rocha, Turkeys, Jaragua and Lowland Paulista, Line 7-Rubi (Light-Jundiaí) . Thus, CPTM counts 11 stations that have fallen are in full operation. Light Stations, and Júlio Prestes Brás became heritage between 1970 and 1980. The old station Santos, known as Valongo season, is already historic heritage of St. Paul, but today belongs to the local municipality. The Condephaat said the resolution entered two warehouses, the first import and export of. Source: O Estado de São Paulo

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