Cinco mil contêineres ‘encalhados’ congestionam portos do País

he volume of cargo seized by the IRS or abandoned by importers has caused a traffic jam of 5000 containers stranded in Brazilian ports. If they were placed one after another, form a line 50 kilometers long - nearly the same distance between Sao Paulo and the city of Jundiai, within the State. The facilities are spread across the main terminals in the country waiting for a destination by the Customs, which has failed to meet the sharp increase of foreign trade. Apart from damage to the owners of the containers, the accumulation of so-called "cargo in forfeiture" (seized or abandoned) undertakes the storage capacity of the ports, who suffer long about the lack of space in their yards and warehouses.This issue became a major obstacle to the Brazilian port system, "said Elias Gedeon, president of the National Center for Navigation (Centronave), responsible for raising the number of standing container terminals. He explains that the charges in advance of forfeiture is the result of interrelated factors. One is the increase in imports, which rose nearly 50% in the first quarter of this year. The second point is more structural and linked to the inability of the IRS to meet the growing demand. Sector businessmen estimate that the recipe has enough manpower for all the assistance needed and still find a destination for the goods seized. According to law, any charge not released or removed from the port within 90 days is pronounced "forfeiture." Source: Agencia Estado

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