Mina San José - Chile: miners and teams try to reach agreement on the order of redemption

Copiapó - With the prospect that the rescue start next Tuesday, the 33 trapped miners have begun to discuss with the rescue teams to the mine removal order Chilean San Jose, where they are since Aug. 5. The Minister of Health of Chile, Jaime Mañalich ensures that the order of redemption is already defined at least on the surface. He said the workers will be divided into three groups, separated by more agile, stronger and health. But the miners' own requests must change the plan. The doctor Jean Romagnoli, who heads the team responsible for physical conditioning in the mine, the miners said that an order has more or less agreed among themselves, but there is also a plan of that area. - The two lists (the miners and rescue workers) will be cross - the doctor explained to the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio. Asked, the minister acknowledged that there Mañalich an impasse, but stressed that the final decision shall rest with the medical team will determine the health status of workers arrested on the day of redemption. Source: Agencia O Globo

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