Chinese dissident dedicated to Nobel Peace Prize on 89 dead in protest

BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo dedicated his Nobel Peace Prize to the dead in crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrations in Beijing in 1989, according to reports released on Monday, while the Chinese press said the award shows the fear that the West is China. On Monday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway said that China canceled a meeting with the Norwegian fisheries minister which was scheduled for this week in a show of irritation with the prize which is awarded in Oslo. The minister Lisbeth Berg-Hansen was already in China preparing for the meeting on Wednesday. The conflicting reactions to the award, given to Liu on Friday, show the tensions between the Chinese Communist Party and its critics at home and abroad - tensions that still evoke delicate memories of 1989.Liu, who is serving 11 years in prison for taking part in a pro-democracy manifesto in 2008, was told about the award on Sunday, a visit from his wife, Liu Xia, and told her that the Nobel is a tribute to activists killed by the military 21 years ago in Tiananmen Square (Tiananmen or) in a wave of protests in which he participated. "This award goes to all those who died on June 4, 1989," said Liu's wife, played her second report by the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet. Source: Reuters/Brazail on line

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